Call your state legislators before Feb 3

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During the last few challenging days, it can be so easy to feel frustrated and powerless. But locally, CAIR Massachusetts is part of an effort to prevent the federal government from enacting anti-Muslim policies locally. Please see the ACLU Massachusetts‘ call to action below for two important bills coming up in our state legislature, and call your legislators today to encourage them to sign on:

We have a short window—now until Friday, February 3—to get legislators to co-sponsor key ACLU-led bills for the 2017-19 legislative session. This is our moment to make our Freedom Agenda a top priority on Beacon Hill. Find your state legislators and take action here. 

Ask your state legislators to co-sponsor the ACLU’s Freedom Agenda, which includes bills that would:

– Say NO to any discriminatory registration based on religion or national origin, such as Trump’s proposed “Muslim registry.”
– Apply the Constitution’s protections against warrantless government surveillance to 21st-century technology.

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