Know Your Rights & Resources

The following fact sheets and guides are intended to give general information only. They are not intended as legal advice.
If you are having a problem, please contact CAIR-MA or another lawyer to see how the law applies to your situation.
If there is a topic you would like to know more about, but it isn’t listed here, please let us know.
CAIR’s National office in Washington, D.C. also offers general “know your rights” information in Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, English,
Farsi, Somali, and Urdu.

COVID 19 Legal Help (CAIR-MA)

NEW! Information on legal issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic: workplace safety, unemployment benefits, stimulus payments, and evictions.

Know Your Rights: Employment (CAIR-MA)

Learn about your rights when faced with anti-Muslim discrimination on the job, working with your employer so you can practice your religion, and when to take legal action.

An Employer’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices (CAIR)

The information contained in this guide is designed to assist employers in formulating and implementing policies that will help create a culturally-sensitive workplace environment.

Know Your Rights: Housing (CAIR-MA)

Fair Housing laws protect both tenants and homeowners from discrimination when finding housing and harassment after you move in.

Know Your Rights: The Rights of Parents (CAIR-MA)

Here is information answering the most frequently asked questions from Muslim parents, including religious accommodations in public schools, homeschooling, when parents may be liable for a child’s misconduct, child neglect/abuse complaints, and police interactions.

Know Your Rights:
Hate Crimes & Harassment (CAIR-MA)

Learn about the laws that protect Massachusetts Muslims from hate crimes and harassment, what you can do, and how CAIR-MA can help.

2020 Civil Rights Report: Staying the Course during a Year of Change

In 2020, CAIR-Massachusetts adapted to a new reality brought about by the pandemic as we continued to protect the rights of the Muslim community.

Know Your Rights: College Edition (CAIR-MA)

Information for Muslim students at Massachusetts’ many colleges and universities on religious rights and discrimination, campus activism, and off-campus issues.

Know Your Rights: Public Accommodations (CAIR-MA)

Learn about your rights to be free from discrimination or harassment in stores, public buildings, parks, and transportation.

Know Your Rights: If the FBI Comes Calling (CAIR-MA)

If the FBI asks to speak with you, first call CAIR-MA. Then you can decide whether you choose to speak with them.

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