For decades, Muslims in America have been subject to racial and religious discrimination, and particularly since the 2016 election, Muslims have been the target of an increase of damaging rhetoric, hate crimes, and increased surveillance. We have learned that every level of government can play an important role to improve the lives of Muslims across the nation, even here in the Commonwealth.

It is our time, as American-Muslims, to bend the ears of our legislators and remind them that we are citizens whose rights and civil liberties need to be heard and respected.

Together we will ensure that all of our elected officials, from the level of County Mayor to United States Senator, are aware that their Muslim constituents will hold them accountable to protect our rights and uplift our voices.

CAIR-MA is proud to be part of MuslimsVOTE to increase the civic engagement and voter turnout of American Muslims.

We have three goals: 

• Educate Massachusetts Muslims about the major issues the State and Nation are facing
• Increase American Muslim engagement with their elected officials

• Empowerment of all minority population voices

I’m looking forward to you joining us, it is our time to #CAIR2VOTE

How to Vote

Step 1: Register to Vote
Step 2: Identify your electoral district(s) and current elected officials
Step 3: Educate yourself on the candidates with this guide
Step 4: Find your polling place
Step 5: VOTE!

Offices up for election in 2019 are (this may vary city to city):

  • City Council
  • School Board Committee
  • Mayor

U.S. Senator

  • Create and pass legislation that will benefit citizens of their state and nation

U.S. Representative/Congressman/Congresswoman

  • Create and pass legislation that will benefit citizens of their state and nation

Governor (Gubernatorial)

  • Signing bills into law
  • Serves as commander-in-chief of the state’s National Guard
  • Grants communications and pardons to prisoners
  • Appointing people to various judicial and state offices, such as the Supreme Judicial Court

Lieutenant Governor

  • Part of the Governor’s Council and President whenever the Governor is absent
  • Becomes acting governor for the remainder of the 4-year term the governor was holding if the governor dies, resigns, or is removed from office

Attorney General

  • Chief Enforcement Officer and Lawyer for the State

Secretary of State

  • Principle public information official
  • Oversees historical records and preservation, public records, and the registry of deeds


  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Responsible for maintaining state funds by investing and maintaining the State budget


  • Accounts for every dollar given to State government

State Senator

  • Create and pass legislation that will benefit citizens of their district as well as the State

State Representative

  • Create and pass legislation that will benefit citizens of their district as well as the State

District Attorney (Suffolk County)

  • Top prosecuting attorney for crimes that happen within their County
  • Investigates criminal cases independently and in coordination with local enforcement
  • Determines whether to file criminal charges in court against alleged criminals
  • Must act non-partisan and adhere to the highest law of ethics

Register of Deeds (Suffolk County)

  • Handles real estate registration and land records

Clerk of Courts (Suffolk County)

  • Manages the court’s single justice caseload

City Councilor

  • Determines city government and administration policies, as well as adopting budgets and legislation

School Board Member

  • Sets the vision and goals for the school district and enforces policies to reach those goals 

The Council on American-Islamic Relations MA submitted questions to the ACLU City Council Candidate Questionnaire to determine each candidates commitment to the civil liberties of Muslims in the district of the city of Boston they want to hold office.

[CAIR-MA is a non-partisan organization and responses from these questionnaires does not equate to endorsement of any specific party or candidate.]

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