Help CAIR-MA Find New Office Space

During the past year, CAIR-MA has been blessed with the use of a small office on the campus of Andover-Newton Theological School in Newton.  However, now that our staff size is expanding, and because the University is planning to close early next year, we’ve outgrown this space, and the time has come for us to relocate.

Please help us find a great new office space!

Location: In the Greater Boston Area, moderately accessible via public transportation for clients who can’t afford cars.  Parking availability is a plus.

Size: Able to accomodate at least 5 people.  Private offices prefered, but open or shared plans are possible as well.

Other: Must have access to a private meeting room or private office for confidential attorney-client meetings.  Access to a conference room preferred.  Non-traditional spaces welcome!

Price: ideally free or very low-cost, but negotiable.

Please e-mail us to respond directly.

It’s an exciting period, and we’re thrilled at our growth.  Now, we’re looking to you to help us find a space that meets our expanding capacity.

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